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PK XD Creators Code of Conduct

We want to create a PK XD community that is safe and welcoming. Therefore, we have listed here the behaviors that we consider ideal and also those that are unacceptable in our community of content creators ("Creators").

If unacceptable behavior is identified by Creators included in our program, we may take the necessary corrective measures, including deletion from the program without prior notice. Please help us maintain a good atmosphere within the game and let us know if you find any Creators violating the Code of Conduct or the rules of the game.

Recommended Conduct

- Remember that you are a reference point for other PK XD players and that we are committed to creating a safe, fun and friendly environment for everyone.

- Follow the rules of the game and comply with PK XD's terms of use.

- Respect other players, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity. No form of discrimination will be tolerated.

- Respect the intellectual property of Afterverse, its partner brands and do not commit ideological falsehood.

- Try to communicate clearly so as not to confuse your audience.

- Respect other Creators in the program and do not bother them in-game or in other community communication channels. Avoid approaching Creators in-game unannounced, as they may be recording videos. Use Creator privileges and common spaces wisely and respectfully.

Unacceptable conduct

- Do not promote hate speech or engage in harassment, threats or discriminatory or illegal behavior of any kind.

- Do not create pornographic content. Do not promote or encourage the use of hacks and cheats, including exploits and methods to alter the regular operation of the game.

- Do not use offensive language or language that is inconsistent with the game environment, the rules of the Creators program and the Terms of Use.

- Do not disclose sensitive information exchanged with the PK XD game development team, including email and chat screenshots, data about company employees and information about projects in development before prior written authorization for disclosure.

- Claiming to be an employee of Afterverse on account of your status as Creator;

- Claiming to have a business partnership or some kind of representation with Afterverse or PK XD before any person, company or entity on account of your status as Creator.

We remind you that offenses committed in-game are subject to liability under the applicable laws. This list does not cover all unacceptable conduct. We expect everyone participating in our program to use common sense and respect other players.

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