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PK XD Security

Great to hear that the children in your family have chosen PK XD to socialize in a digital environment, and it is very admirable of you to seek to learn more about the activities they are involved in.

What exactly is PK XD?

Technically, it is a mobile game, meaning that you go to an app store, download, and play. But of course the game would not be such a success (with 50 million monthly active users) if it were just another standard "little game".

We often refer to PK XD as a Universe. It is an immersive digital experience that allows for self expression, entertainment, and above all, socialization between people.

It is an open world where the creativity of each player determines the path to be followed: you can build houses, customize your appearance, meet other people, party with friends, challenge yourself in mini games, enjoy events inspired by special themes and much more.

Is it safe?

Safety is a priority for us. From the very beginning, when PK XD was still in planning, we knew that this world - where people could be themselves, share a sense of community, and enjoy digital activities - would only really happen if we put security at the center of everything.

With PK XD, we have developed a safe and fun virtual environment for players from around the world, paying special attention to the in-game chat functionality (often the primary concern of parents). Chat interactions are essential for socializing, so we offer a huge variety of phrases in a variety of languages, but always in a pre-formulated form, i.e. one person cannot just write whatever they want and send it to another in the game.

And the community?

One of PK XD's greatest strengths is its Community: people who are connected by their common admiration for the fun game world. They interact together in the game, produce and consume digital content (videos, posts, etc) about it, engage in PK XD's social networks, and enjoy sharing this positive experience with friends and family - you've probably received an invitation to look at your phone screen and see something cool that your child has built on PK XD.

This sense of belonging is healthy for people who play the game, and that's why we have a dedicated team looking out for the Community - managing our social networks and our Creators (digital content producers registered in an official PK XD outreach program), providing support to promote the best experience of using the game, and being present in in-game interactions with active characters.

Through these points of contact with our audience, it is possible to promote the behaviors that we consider healthy for the community and, if we observe any attitude outside these standards, we can act with educational measures or, depending on the seriousness of the case, more restrictive interventions.

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